Get started – Hyderabad!

Get started – Hyderabad!

Hey Guys,

I moved to Hyd in Oct 2015 to start a new career with Accenture and so many times felt that there could be so much more information available on the internet that could help me set things up like accommodation, travel, food, fun (weekends) etc., Now that I’ve spent more than 1.5 years, I feel that there are a lot of tips and tricks that I can share with people who are new to the city and wanna explore more!

So let’s start one thing at a time:

  1. Transport – Hyderabad has a really good Public transport if one wants to try economic ways to see around the city. You can also try the share autos (cheap and best) which run in the radius of 8-10 km depending on the location. This is the best way to get the real feel of Hyderabad. Avoid it if you aren’t here to have a raw experience of the city. Ola and Uber also come in handy as always.
  2. Accommodation – Once you know your way in the city, it’s time to get yourself a Room! I personally didn’t want to stay in a PG. If you have friends with whom you can rent a place on a sharing basis, go for it. Else, I’ve seen a lot of places where people rent out single rooms and 1BHK flats for reasonable rent and only 2 months deposit. You don’t need to reach out to an agent or a Broker if you’re willing to take long walks in the lanes of the city and look for signs(printouts) hanging outside houses who’re looking to rent out their homes.
  3. Food – Hyderabad won’t disappoint you when it comes to satisfying your taste buds without feeling a thing on your pocket. I’ve had the tastiest of foods for the cheapest ever prices and the quantity & quality is really good too. Explore the local restaurants/hotels (tahari, biryani, khichdi, bagara rice are some of the famous dishes) if you’re looking for a quick bite or you can always go to the more famous restaurants like ShahGhouse, Paradise, Shadab, Cafe Bahar etc., if you’re looking for a relaxed meal.
  4. Weekends – Like every city, Hyderabad also has a lot to offer over the weekends. There’re a lot of clubs/pubs, shopping malls and multiplexes (300 for 2 tickets! – believe me) for a nice time pass over the weekend. You can also explore the city in the initial days by visiting the historical places like, Charminar, Chowmohalla palace, Makkah Masjid (People of all religions are allowed to enter and visit this place) and Golconda. For all other queries, check Justdial/Google.

This much info should probably help get you set up with the basics and you can always explore many other things randomly to have great experiences.

Have a good one!


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